Prototype at Interseed Cafe






With a dedicated team of practitioners, Brisbane’s Northlakes Medical Centre has long been a staple for patients seeking medical consultations, examinations, advice, health checkups, immunisations, minor surgeries, chronic disease management, travel health, employer medical screenings and more.

Interseed Cafe, a new addition to the medical centre, offers additional seating for friends and family members of patients, as well as patients waiting to be called for appointments. Serving up a mix of casual food and drink options, Interseed contacted Prototype for help with their stylish Cafe furnishings.

Working alongside the locally recognised design company of Katie Smith Interior Design, Prototype was tasked with creating an area to hold a larger amount of people waiting for medical appointments at Northlakes Medical Centre, consistent in theme with the use of timber, black, and shades of blue to complement the logo.

The first of many Interseed spaces to provide a dedicated waiting area for patients, function and style played equal hands in making the space comfortable, casual and practical.

For adequate seating options in keeping with the colour scheme put forth by Katie Smith Interior Design, the sleek Opal Armchairs and Opal Side Chairs were accented with black seat pads, creating the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or delicious lunch item while waiting to see a practitioner.

In addition, High Bars with a corresponding black stain were chosen to accentuate the dining area, as well as a variety of dining tables. Several 800x800mm Tables, along with DIA Tables in both 600mm and 800mm diameter varieties, were given a black powdercoat base and moulded laminate top to complete the look of Interseed Cafe’s furnishings.

“Patients, as well as their friends and family members, will now have a dedicated space to sit, wait and sip to their heart’s desire. Prototype and Katie Smith Interior Design worked together to create a space that exudes style, class and functionality. ”