Introducing DESIGN-MADE

27-29 October, Sydney


When the likes of AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE and FACTORY DESIGN DISTRICT team up to put on a new design event, you know it’s something to sit up and take note of. DESIGN-MADE. is a game-changing 3-day celebration of design for Australia and is set to prove that design is not something just for a small niche of the elite, but is in fact something for everyone.

What is design? And how much do we know and care about the things we surround ourselves with? It’s time for us to change the way we look at purchasing new items and to move away from the disposable culture that we’ve become so accustomed to. In years gone by, well-designed items were passed down through generations because they were made to last. We need to take a step back to that, so we can in fact move forward to a more sustainable future.

This new event celebrates the Australian design scene and will be the first national showcase of designers, makers and brands that will be entirely open to both industry and design-interested public here in Australia, set to be held annually in Sydney. The event is 100% independently curated and produced, while being supported by key industry associations and arts-design organisations including the Australian Design Centre, Design Tasmania, Good Design Australia, Jam Factory and Australian Copyright Council.

Celebrating both crafted design processes, and industrially produced furniture and objects, DESIGN-MADE. will expand on the hard work already done by the AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE and FACTORY DESIGN DISTRICT to educate the broader Australian community about the importance of supporting original design.

The event aims to stimulate ‘design thinking’ by unmasking and demystifying the design process. An important thing to understand is that DESIGN-MADE. is not a trade show. It is a tightly curated series of installations that will showcase a broad spectrum of contemporary design. By sparking informed and universal conversations about design in Australia, we can promote a better understanding of the true source of available products. This in turn aims to shift buyer-behaviour to support authentic process and original design.

Everything at DESIGN-MADE. will have a focus on originality, innovation, environmental sustainability along with economic and industry sustainability. New work by independent Australian designers, local and international design brands and regional artisanal makers will showcase furniture, lighting and objects alongside some of the biggest names across technology, interior and landscape design. We can announce that the first round of exhibitors includes CULT, Designer Rugs, Dinosaur Designs, Hava Studio, MUD Australia and Spence & Lyda showcasing alongside Archer Objects, Fresh Prince, Ilanel, Jonathan West, Tom Fereday & Tom Skeehan with curated installations from LOCAL DESIGN, Interpretations V created by Andrew Simpson featuring 8 leading Australian designers & other design collectives.

The debut edition of DESIGN-MADE. will be unveiled 27-29 October across two venues – SUNSTUDIOS and Fisher & Paykel Experience Centre. Visitors to DESIGN-MADE. will have a unique opportunity to engage with exhibitor installations, floor talks, meet the makers, book signing sessions and workshops, while enjoying curated dining experiences, yum cha, craft beer, organic wine and everybody’s favourite food trucks. DESIGN-MADE. needs to be locked into your calendar right now!

Having collaborated on national and international design platforms, exhibitions, industry and public events since 2012, Anne-Maree Sargeant of AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE and Kobe Johns of FACTORY DESIGN DISTRICT have curated and co-presented numerous events for VIVID Sydney.

Uniting under the new banner – DESIGN-MADE. this is the latest exciting offering from the pair who both hold original design close to their hearts. Their event is independently curated and produced, showcasing design for everyone.

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