ShowPro dreamPIX tubes go in hardstyle!

Paul Nardella of On Track Lighting was so impressed by his sixteen ShowPro dreamPIX tubes, he promptly ordered sixteen more!

“In fact we’re aiming to have 150 dreamPIX tubes by midyear as we’re doing a very large arena show,” said Paul. “We’ll be doing a large centre chandelier cluster of them and it should look great.”

The dreamPIX series brings your ideas to light with pixel mappable surfaces powered by an easy-to-use ArtNet interface that works ­flawlessly with popular industry-standard pixel mapping tools.

“The software they run off is pretty cool especially as you can trigger them via Artnet off the Martin M1 console,” added Paul.

Photographed are Paul’s sixteen dreamPIX tubes installed into Chasers Nightclub for the I Am Hardstyle gig by one of the world’s leading hardstyle artists Brennan Heart.

“Also in the rig were thirty-two Martin RUSH MH4 and Atomics controlled by my M1,” commented Paul. “The dreamPIX provided very good eye candy and performed really well. I didn’t think they were going to be bright enough against thirty-two MH4’s but they did really well.”

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