Nightlife at Palace Supper Club

Luxe, glam and sophisticated are some words you could use to describe Palace Supper Club, one of Brisbane’s newest late-night venues. You could also use delicious, gourmet and well-presented when describing the contemporary Australian menu from chef Joel Walker. And for the music? Hand-curated, convenient and considered. But we’ll get to that in a moment – first let’s explore this luscious gem.

Palace Supper Club is designed to seduce you. Located in a former yum cha restaurant in the heart of Brisbane’s Chinatown, the building has been designed and restored with a keen eye for detail and no expense spared on the fit out. A number of seating options are available; from plush private booths, to the al fresco verandah or the luxe lounge bar. It’s easy to lose your sense of time and place – you could be anywhere in the world right now and day could turn to night without you even realising.

Hospitality veteran Justinn De Beer is the General Manager here and has been driving the project. Previously of Laruche, amongst other exclusive bars and clubs around the world, De Beer has a great appreciation and respect for both his staff and the hospitality profession. He himself started as a bartender and knows that hospitality can be a rewarding lifelong profession, which is exemplified through his passion for Palace Supper Club.

Our staff worked with De Beer and his management team to find the perfect solution for the venue. As a brand-new site, the music brief for Palace Supper Club could be crafted from scratch, pulling in any references or direction De Beer’s team had for the atmosphere. This could then be melded with Nightlife’s hand-curated playlists to create a bespoke music schedule. There are also two zones of music for the venue; one for the main bar and lounge, and the other – with a crowdDJ® Kiosk – for the VIP room.

“I’m very impressed with the music selection on Nightlife, and the user-friendly interface on crowdDJ® too.”

De Beer says “I’m very impressed with the music selection on Nightlife, and the user-friendly interface on crowdDJ® too.”

The main bar transitions from a restaurant and dining space during the day, to a nightclub from the late evening into the early hours. The music needed to match this energy and demographic transition as it happens. A schedule of laid back electronic and down-tempo tracks was constructed to accompany diners during daylight hours, before stylish remixes and nu-disco vibes enter the space in the evening.

Due to sound planning and foresight, the Palace team have an excellent AV infrastructure to work with. They recognise that this music schedule can be turned up to become foreground entertainment later in the night, and can also work in with DJs as needed.

Select managers have the ability to adjust the atmosphere if required using the ManageMyNightlife app. Staff know Palace Supper Club better than anyone and have a great understanding of the crowd, so can help to deliver a memorable customer experience that is on brand and on brief. Music changes are instant, which guarantees peace of mind and gives great flexibility to the venue.
The functions

Multiple function spaces are available for bookings. One of these, the VIP dining room, has been designed to give guests a unique experience while enjoying the venue’s catering options in complete privacy; this space is detached from the main bar and lounge. Guests choose their favourite tracks using the crowdDJ® Kiosk and personalise the night’s soundtrack to complete their experience. Next to the Kiosk, a screen can be programmed to display chic Ambient Visuals from the Nightlife system.
The verdict

If you are after a gorgeous venue, quality food, stunning cocktails and the perfect atmosphere, you’ve found your new favourite destination in Palace Supper Club.