Project Team

architects & interior designers: Cayas Architects
av: BJs Sound & Lighting


LED screens: Big Screen Video
custom carpet:
Shanhua Carpets
tiles: Metz
furniture: Prototype Furniture, Identity Furniture
feature lighting: Lumen8, SLC Industries
wall panelling: Moxon Shiplap Wall Cladding & Woodform Concept Click Timber Battens
wallpaper: Baresque
curtains: Castle Trimmings Australia
feature bar front: Mafi Tiger Oak
feature ceiling: Woodform Concept Click Timber Battens
public art: Urban Art Projects

Replacing an old run down hotel, the new Coolum Beach Hotel has quickly become an iconic landmark and community hub for Coolum and the broader Sunshine Coast community. The tavern has a strong design focus that captures the Coolum Beach relaxed sub-tropical feeling with emphasis on ensuring that the venue caters for all patrons. Whilst having a strong focus on providing a venue that integrates the indoor and outdoor areas, the design of the building envelope includes a high level of acoustic treatment to reduce noise break-out after hours. The building takes cues from the local vernacular utilising light-weight & light coloured materials, large roof overhangs, an abundance of natural internally and a blurring of the lines between the inside and the numerous external spaces.

Hawthorne Barstool

Solid Tas Oak construction. Stained to colour match with 2 pack lacquer finish. Lacquered options available. 650mm or 750mm standard seat height. Custom sizes available

Identity Furniture

The palette of finishes and colours was intentionally kept simple with a view to creating cool but comfortable spaces that have a textural but light and airy feel and a strong link with the outside. There is an extensive use of white, lime-washed timber panelling and timber battens with splashes of bold contrasting colours. The link to the beach is subtly introduced to the interior finishes through the timber wave form ceilings, cloud shaped light fittings, sand coloured panelling and the key integration of the original, existing Pandanus trees into the design.

The Coolum Beach Hotel boasts some of the latest in MATV, AV, CCTV technology with two large 12 sq meter LED screens, one inside and one outside, from Big Screen Video. BJ’s Sound and Lighting took great pride in working with the Architects and ALH Project Managers on this development. However, this venue wasn’t without its complications. These complications included high inaccessible ceilings, limited future access to sections and placement of architectural features which could not be removed or fixed to. Perhaps the most important issue of design was that the hotel was to be built over multiple stages with more than a year’s down time between milestones.

To overcome this BJ’s worked closely with the ALH personnel to design a revolutionary system which took advantage of both IP networking for both CCTV and Audio Distribution. BJ’s chose to use a combination of Biamp digital audio system controllers with Dynacord amplifiers, EV and Dynacord speakers throughout the venue. Due to the venue’s sheer size a variety of EV speakers was used as both room fill and background sound. These included speakers from the EVID 8.2LPC, EVID 6.2T and ZX1 families.

As this was to be a major entertainment venue on the Sunshine Coast the addition of a large DJ system was required. However, it needed to be compact, powerful and sleek, to allow it to blend seamlessly into the raised Sports Bar centre island. To address these constraints a newly released active Dynacord system was used which consisted of 4x vertical tower speakers and 4x in-cavity active subs. This combined with the 10x EV ZX-1 room fill speakers gave the Sports Bar an electrifying atmosphere that had high fidelity sounds which both met and exceeded the client’s needs.

The Coolum Beach Hotel had a range of MATV services which needed to be installed and routed to all the venues’ TV’s. These services included Free to Air TV, Keno, Sky Racing, Multiple In-House Video Clips, Advertising, Foxtel HD and provisioning for future expansion. Hence, the venue required a MATV system that was capable of being flexible and reliable. BJ’s solution to this problem was an RF based MATV system using multiple Novonde full HD modulators, TAPS, LTE-Filters, and Kingray amplifiers. This type of system is expandable, robust and economical and so met all the customer’s needs. Control of the 20+ Samsung TV’s is local to the TV as requested by the customer. This was intentional and allows them to receive Full HD signals with all free to air and in-house channels with low financial overheads.

EV Zx1 Speakers

EV Zx1 Speakers Designed for top-notch quality with amazing versatility, the ZX/ZXA series sets a new standard of performance and practicality in sound reinforcement loudspeakers.


The CCTV installed at the CBH has been dramatically upgraded from the initial client specifications. This was due to the CBH being one of two trail sites to have the new IP standard of cameras and recording equipment. As such, BJ’s used a combination of technologies and brands to achieve a high quality and high reliable CCTV solution which far exceeds the venues expectations. BJ’s chose to use a variety of Bosch IP 5000 and IP Starlight 7000 VR cameras throughout the hotel. This combined with the NAS style head end has allowed for ease of use whilst still giving way to future expansion. Decoders were used to extract signals for the Gaming Monitor and various DM office systems monitoring. Due to the large distances between building endpoints a combination of cat5e and optical fire links were used to route the camera data though to the head end.