ShowPro ColorDoQ

The ColorDoq is a wireless battery washlight, performing high output in a super slim foldable housing.


-24 x 3W Red + 24 x 3W Green + 24 x 3W Blue + 24 x 3W White high-power LEDs
-9 hours continuous battery-powered operation at full output, 20 hours at a single colour
-Onboard wireless DMX
-3 channel Hue Saturation Value and Hue Saturation Intensity modes
-Ultra-linear dimming technology for flawless colour mixing
-Patented structural design delivers superior passive cooling
-High frequency LED modulation for flicker-free output
-Adjustable white balance
-IP65: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
-Charging station in rugged touring case holds 4 units
-Password protected key lock
-Carrying handle doubles as mounting bracket
-W-DMX, Manual, Standalone (Auto Shows), Master/Slave, IR control

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