Project Team

designer: Tirawan Songsawat


An elegant minimalist structure set a lush environment on Thailand’s Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui, The Library helps preserve coastal heritage property, while impacting minimally on its ecology.

Divided into 26 suite/studio cabins, the complex avoids the monolithic hotel-complex look, scattering discreet buildings in lush vegetation. Each cabin consists of a suite space on the ground floor and a studio upstairs, complete with ocean view. All are within sight of old-growth trees that have been spared the developer’s bulldozer.

Designed as an outpost of casual elegance, The Library interiors are finished in a distinctive minimalist style with strong colour palates. Rooms are finished in a bold colour scheme that emphasizes red and gray elements against pure white walls and floor space, echoed by the red swimming pool and white library complex. Green from grass in the garden decorated with art pieces and sculptures is a key element for the landscape.

Designer Tirawan Songsawat has created a minimalist structure while intruding as little as possible on the site by building around old-growth trees. Guests may lose themselves among vegetation interspersed with artwork and statuary, contrasting a colour scheme in which white, red, black and grey predominate: the Library’s exterior is white, the swimming pool red, the restaurant grey. Interiors follow the same ultra minimalist palette and feature low-slung, rectilinear furnishings that invite visitors to stretch out and listen to the lapping of the waves – or of course dive into the books in the exemplary namesake library.

‘An Exotic Smart Concept’ is the conclusion of the project design. Semi-minimalist architecture is the solution as it provides a very simple architecture and interior which has a balance with surrounding nature.

Highlight of the project is ‘The Library Building’ located by the beach named itself after the project’s title. The White building with high huge ceiling equipped with glass window pane all around will enrich purity, serenity and peace.

The Library Building consists of three box-style units adjoining together where the middle box is an open-air serving as a mini-café. The other two boxes are the huge library for not only books but also other entertainment media such as music CD, movie DVD. In addition, there will be a small corner for internet access with broadband connection. Guests will enjoy sipping a cup of coffee, writing e-mail, listening to music with sea views.

Accommodation concept is to divide space equally between outdoor and indoor in both horizontal and vertical way. This idea was stemmed from simple concept that when holiday, people prefer to spend more time out in the open rather than staying in an air-conditioned box.

Consequently, each building unit is built in a box style by emphasizing in increasing efficiency of space utilization vertically and horizontally. More outdoor and open-air space is provided in order to meet guests’ preference.