Project Team

design: Bergstrom Architects
builder: Calida
av: TTE Group
music: Nightlife


tiles: Earp Brothers, Skheme
carpet: Brintons
furniture: Cafe Culture, Rabbit Trap Timber
lighting: Cafe Culture, Satelite

Bergstrom Architects have recently completed an extensive restaurant and bar fit out of an existing tavern in the Sydney CBD for JDA Hotels. The result is the launch of a new restaurant and bar: Noble Canteen & Cocktails and 50 Kings.

The existing run-down bar has been converted into a sophisticated new restaurant and cocktail bar with an Asian fusion inspired food service. The refurbishment includes a new open service style kitchen and a new bar. The style of the bar is clean-lined with a very symmetrical back of bar design to compliment a new dramatic up-lit timber vaulted
ceiling which runs the full length of the restaurant. A rustic yet contemporary concrete floor finish has also been added to enhance the vintage appeal.

Lee Broom Crystal Bulbs

The Clear Crystal Bulb is designed to fit any standard ceiling, wall or lamp fitting, and can be hung solo or in clusters, as well as used with a light shade to create enchanting light effects.

Cafe Culture

The bar features original Lee Broom Crystal crystal lights, antique mirrors, highly finished decorative mouldings and a gold pressed metal centre panel. This combination illuminates the back of bar with a Noble richness, worthy of the restaurant’s name. The crystal bulbs sparkle against a contrasting natural marble panelling at the back of bar and the gold metal feature runs continuously to also form the central ceiling feature. The round motif of the pressed metal is also reflected in the encaustic patterned tiles on the bar front, forming a modern styled bar with a vintage touch of detail.

The central gold ceiling feature with chandelier inserts, continues up from the back feature wall of the bar to form part of the ceiling. Set amongst the gold, custom arrangements of crystal lights and large Edison bulbs form original chandeliers which enrich and Illuminate the space. All the walls have also been entirely re-clad in recycled brickwork with timber columns to create niches with vintage brass wall lights. Metal detailing to columns adds another level of detail.

The bistro niche with traditional chesterfield banquette seating caters for more private dining and also doubles as a presentation space for large events with a drop down projector screen capability. The central Banquet tables cater for larger groups and combination of vintage furniture give the bar an eclectic edge.

There is also a green wall to the front of the space, providing a soft garden style background for a friendly lunchtime feel. The additional space to the front of the bar is flexible and acts like a balcony with large timber bi-fold doors to define areas.

The restaurant has a sophisticated rustic charm and is perfect for stylish business lunches and small functions in a contemporary & sophisticated cocktail bar and restaurant setting.

 TTE Group were contacted to design and install an audio visual system with the client and Bergstrom Architects requesting a system that would produce an even coverage of sound with enough headroom to maintain a good vibe for daily trade through to special events and functions. It was also important that the system was not visually intrusive.

Upon receiving his brief Tim Teasdale, managing director of TTE Group, immediately contacted Rod McKinnon and the team at Jands to assist him in providing the best solution.

“I have done many installations with JBL products and the client had used them before so we were both comfortable to use JBL again,” remarked Tim. “The size and the output of the speakers we used was just what we wanted. It’s not a large space so we didn’t want anything too over the top.”

It was decided that nine JBL AC18 speakers and a couple of JBL ASB 6112 subs would be ideal for the main area of the main bar. The power to size ratio of these models were perfect for the venue.

“The JBL AC18 boxes are just the right size and look for the job, as well as providing enough coverage and level for the room,” commented Tim. “As the JBL ASB 6112 subs are so small and discreet, it was easy to conceal them within the joinery behind decorative grilles.”


High output, 2-way loudspeaker systems combining flexibility with high fidelity


The banquet seating is covered by four JBL Control 25AV with a further two JBL Control 25AV, two Control 47LP and a JBL Control 65P/T taking care on the entry and stairs.

Other areas have also been fitted with Control 25AV and 29AV surface mount boxes as well as ten JBL CSS8008 ceiling speakers. All speakers are powered by Crown XTi and XLS amplifiers.

Audio processing for the site is handled by a Soundweb London BSS BLU 100 with a BSS BIB and BOB to expand the inputs and outputs for other areas of the Hotel.

“BSS is a really nice product to work with,” said Tim. “it worked well for this size venue and it really is a one-box solution handling all the limiting, level and EQ.”

Control of the AV system is by AMX, with access to audio, video and lighting functions from two easy to use touch panels within the venue.