Self-Adhesive Metal Tiles

That Metal Company has been a provider of exclusive designs in 100% metal sheeting to the architecture and interior design industries for many years.

Our metals have adorned the walls, ceilings, counter fronts, and furniture of beautiful professional projects across Australia and New Zealand.

This makes our latest product collection that much more exciting. Are you ready? We are delighted to launch this month a unique range of new self-adhesive metal tiles exclusively for the DIY homeowner market. These easy-to-install tiles come in three sizes and numerous different finishes including Brushed Copper, Polished Brass, and Weathered Aluminium. We couldn’t be more excited.

This exclusive range of new self-adhesive metal tiles have been created from the same 100% metal used by the professionals in restaurants, corporate offices, commercial buildings, retail, and top-end residential projects; so you know they are of the highest quality.

Many homeowners wanting to upgrade and redecorate seek easy-to-use DIY products. Our self-adhesive metal tiles require no special handling or tools, and NO GROUT. The area on which the tiles will stick needs to be cleaned and prepared to eliminate an uneven surface. However, once affixed the tiles are moisture resistant and easy to clean.

We have used metals from our 600 Series Architectural Metals, 800 Series Traditional Classics, and our 900 Series Anodised Aluminium. So whether you’re looking for industrial, minimalist, rustic, glamorous, traditional, or modern there’s a finish to suit.

Apart from the stylish colour finishes and three tile size options, the most appealing aspect of 100% metal tiles is that they are Class-A fire rated. That’s right; you can install them behind your stovetop. Many other splashback options, such as resin and acrylic, cannot be placed near heat.

So if you want a continuous finish on your wall, our self-adhesive metal tiles are the perfect solution. And with so many colour options, you’ll find one to fit beautifully with your countertops, cupboards, and flooring.

The self-adhesive metal tiles are exclusive to That Metal Company so you won’t find our beautiful and high-quality product anywhere else. We can advise on colour and size options, pricing, and delivery right to your door in Australia or New Zealand.

Call us now and have a personal chat about your needs. Or come and see us at the Sydney Home Show from March 24 – 26, 2017, at Darling Harbour.

SPECIAL OFFER. As a special launch offer and for a STRICTLY limited time, order two boxes of self-adhesive metal tiles and get a THIRD BOX FOR FREE! Leftover tiles are perfect for decorating tables, cupboard doors, storage boxes, and more.

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