Project Team

Design: TomMarkHenry

Bondi’s Best was an established and highly regarded seafood brand prior to the Hall St venture. This reputation drove the desire to create a restaurant indicative of the quality of the recognized brand and their respected line caught process but still symbolized their familiar takeaway business.

The client didn’t want to stray from his existing business, but needed to offer his customers something that went beyond his existing takeaway shop with limited seating. With takeaway being core to his business, the designers needed to maintain this while adding another level to the experience. This required original and creative thinking, and experimenting with new ideas and inventive ways to structure a restaurant.

The result is a successful merging of two offerings within the once space. This enriches current design practice by setting a new precedent of what a restaurant can be, through use of innovative display and harmonizing function and aesthetic.

With volume issues and low ceilings the designers maximized this intimate experience with a rope ceiling, and tonal explorations of blues and greys, accented with brass. The materials and budget employed reflect the brand’s mantra in achieving unparalleled quality.

Travertine clad counters with fine brass trim, are indicative of the distinctive fusion between the natural and artistic elements. The lighting was also designed to highlight the execution of materials and craftsmanship.

The aim of this project was to shake up the traditional design techniques employed in seafood takeaway /restaurants, by turning away from the starkly lit and over themed and moving towards a harmonious and tonal design. This was achieved by using natural stone, timber, brass detailing and hand-made clay tiles. This was extended into the restaurant; layered with rich leather banquette seating, deep textured walls and detailed mosaic tiles. Consistent lighting, and flooring maintains flow between the two spaces, as well as a visual connection through the transparent fish lockers.

Each surface was considered with the utmost importance, crafted to ensure the materials and design will last. This high level of finish will reduce the need to replace elements, contributing to sustainable outcomes. Natural materials such as stone, timber and brass used predominately throughout the space do not emit harmful or toxic substances; therefore ensuring the air quality remains high.