PR Lighting XLED 4022RZ

PR Lighting’s new XLED 4022RZ is a wash, beam and effect moving-head light that makes use of 22 40W Osram RGBW LEDs.

The LEDs are strategically placed in symmetrical distances, making the fixture an extremely versatile and powerful all-purpose device. With a beam angle zoom range of 4.7° to 60°, the beam can create illumination and colour mixing in both near and far distances, making it suitable for big concerts or small venues. When used in wash mode, the beams come together to create a nice luminous wash with an even distribution of colourful lights, the perfect effect for theatre. It contains countless vortex effects for aerial or kaleidoscopic projection with a pan 540° and tilt 240° allowing you to create the visuals you desire, which makes the fixture perfect for club scenery. Having sound control mode, individual LED control and being touch screen makes the unit easy for connection and operation.

The XLED 4022RZ is a bright, colourful and multi-purpose light that can be used at its highest and lowest potential and still give you the effects required at any club, concert or theatre.