Project Team

design: Paul Kelly


furniture: Hughes
lighting: iGuzzini, Hatco, Gineico
fabric: Contemporary Leather
paint effects: Diemme

Salaryman is True Grit, Tokyo style meets Newtown. Created to mimic the bustling laneways of Shinjuku, Salaryman immerses you in design and amazing cuisine.

An open kitchen with a single piece timber bar-top, Japanese origami inspired bar-front. All the services are on show with Salaryman being all about the food!

Inspired by the frenetic hype of Shinjuku but with that edgy Newtown twist, Salaryman is a fusion ramen bar with high end service. There’s no signage, it has that edgy, “street-cred” and underground feel.

It has a Chef’s private kitchen, it’s all about the chef on show. Therefore, everything is “stripped- back”, raw finishes and exposed structures.

The design elements provide a carefully constructed backdrop for the Chef that is on show and is the main focus. There is 90% indirect lighting and loud audio systems controlled by the chefs.

The artwork of the Japanese girl is that perfect juxtaposition of traditional Japanese culture and grungy Newtown. Carefully crafted artwork, neon signage, exposed pipes and raw materials all contribute to the contemporary atmosphere.

Due to the long and deep site constraint, it took careful consideration of operations and layout to make Salaryman fully functioning and successful. The space promotes an emotion, it teleports you to the crossroads of fast-paced Shinjuku and edgy Newtown.  The design is kitchen focus without being too egocentric. You feel like you are part of the space.

The designers worked closely with the manufacturers to have liquid melted plastics as shown dripping from ceiling to floor. It gives off a greater 3D effect instead of using traditional paints. They also worked with the manufacturers to acid treat the metal face of the bar, creating a beautiful finish. Transforming an ordinary material into a stunning piece of interior design.

Due to complex planning and smart design, they were able to have different hood systems working next to each other, (i.e. gas and wood systems).