Project Team

Design: Mieko Fumoto
Corporate Project: Big Homes Co.Ltd

Artemis Villa and Hotel is named after the mythological Greek moon goddess. Artemis elegantly releases the arrows of light made from the eternally mysterious Balinese moon. In Bali – the Island of the Gods – people find the beauty and miracle of life. At Artemis Villa and Hotel, guests find a home to relax in and reconnect with themselves.

Select from the accommodation styles to suite your taste; hotel rooms, serviced apartments, cottages, and villas (all accommodation types have a separate kitchen except hotel rooms).

Cottages with a direct access to the beach through a little pathway, Pool Villa with a private pool shaded with large trees, Pool Villa with a “floating bedroom” in the pool, Loft Villa with a peacefully calm view of Bali, Jacuzzi Villa with a private Jacuzzi in a garden full of flowers… Villa Artemis offers a variety of accommodations.

Opened in April 2010, the resort was designed by Mieko Fumoto with a main theme to encourage the flow of light and sense of aroma symbolising the moonlight, sunlight and breeze.

“I considered this theme with the design of the rooms because I want the guests to relax and feel at home during their stay,” commented Mieko. “The main aim of the design is to create a natural ambience in the style of the furniture, fabric and décor.”

The building process was a smooth one with no major obstacles or major setbacks. According to Mieko, the planning was good and minor alterations could be made easily.

“I planned the space like the moon having different phases and co-ordinated the villa in different styles with a natural interior respectively,” added Mieko.

Mieko’s selection of materials helped reinforce her design concept. For example, she used the tree of antiquity from the dismantled house to reflect old Indonesia and she chose the materials to encourage calm for the guests.

Mieko decided to base the colour on natural elements; green was used to represent plant life and blue in association with the sea. The natural use of colour was the same in the choice of fabric and the materials used; e.g. 100% cotton.

Indirect lighting is used to help the guest relax and the half-open design of the bathroom allows the guest to see the natural moonlight. Also each living area has up lighters to display the beautiful tree design ceiling.

“Balinese history and ancient stories are incorporated in the features of the villas,” said Mieko. “It is a place where various spirits and gods are believed to live in Bali. The design was constructed by this thinking. For instance, one villa was designed including a big tree where the revered spirit was staying. It is said that the guest may feel power from the tree. The tree casts a cool shadow across the swimming pool.”

The element that really ties the concept together is the soft image of the moon and the mystique surrounding it.

However Mieko’s favourite design solution is the shape of the main pool which is designed in the shape of the island Bali. She also notes the stone ornament in the shape of the moon that decorates the roof.

The plants and flowers continue to grow little by little, where the vines entwine and decorate the grounds. This supports the natural surroundings and allows the elements to emerge.