ShowPro LED Fresnels at The Chapel

Located just off Chapel Street in one of the oldest churches in Victoria, Chapel Off Chapel is one of Melbourne’s most popular live performance venues.

Consisting of two theatres and a welcoming foyer, Chapel Off Chapel has hosted artists such as Coldplay, Foo Fighters and musicals such as Dreamgirls, Rent and Blood Brothers.

Simon Prentice, Technical Supervisor at Chapel Off Chapel, has been looking at replacing the venue’s aging 1k Fresnel’s with an LED option for quite some time.

“After testing out a few different brands including Selecon, Chauvet, and ShowPro, we all agreed that for the price, build quality, control and output, the ShowPro ticked all the boxes,” remarked Simon. “The added extra of the DMX zoom is really handy too.”

ShowPro LED Fresnel HP’s were chosen and in the three months since they were installed, they have lit a wide variety of dance, live music and theatre shows.

“During a recent dance season we used them as side lights and were able to create some great effects with live moving of the zoom,” said Simon. “This is something we would have used a mover to do in the past.”

The almost silent operation of the ShowPro LED Fresnel HP makes it ideal for venues hosting dance and theatre performances. Boasting an excellent colour temp of 3200K with a maximum light output of 8400lm, the light output is nice and flat yet the Fresnel has an electronic zoom of 18° – 60°.

“The integration of the ShowPro LED Fresnel’s into our mostly tungsten light rig has been seamless,” added Simon. “The ability to adjust white balance and dimming curve has been great. The lighting designers who have used them have also been really happy. Next year, when we replace the rest of our Fresnel stock we will look no further than the ShowPro LED Fresnel range.”

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