Grapho Bubble Pendant

The Grapho Bubble Pendant by ISM Objects has a wonderful life of its own. Handcrafted in Melbourne from beautiful Japanese rice paper, it inflates and deflates mysteriously when turned on or off.

This interactive design is the latest example of the innovative work from Melbourne-based ISM Objects. Founded by Celina Clarke and Simon Christopher more than 25 years ago, ISM Objects has a passion for unique design and a commitment to local manufacturing. Respected leaders in lighting, their work has been recognised through acclaimed international exhibitions and awards.

When illuminated, Grapho Bubble comes to life in more ways than one. A small fan inside the Grapho Bubble pendant is connected to the sustainable LED light source and inflates the rice paper when switched on. The LED can also be dimmable (upon request) for a variety of ambient settings.

First launched at Melbourne’s DEN Fair 2017, it takes its name from the word meaning ‘to write’ or ‘to sketch’ as custom graphic designs can be added to the pendants during production. Its sturdy internal structure also means the paper can be replaced with different printed designs.

Skillfully handcrafted at ISM Object’s Mentone factory from individual panels of elegant Japanese rice paper, the material gives Grapho Bubble an organic appearance, and its interactive quality makes it an irreverent take on a classic paper ball light. Available in a diameter of 600mm, 1000mm and 1500mm, Grapho Bubble inflates in as little as 20 seconds from being switched on. When switched off, the fan stops turning the light it gently deflates.

ISM Objects has given lighting design new life with the interactive Grapho Bubble. It’s another example of why these design luminaries are leading the way.

ISM Objects