Project Team

design: Melissa Collison Interior Design
music: Nightlife

Melissa Collison Interior Design has created a vision of grotesque glamour for Urban Purveyor Group’s new tri-level concept restaurant, Swine & Co. An homage to the pig set in an historic art deco era bank, the result is a theatrical ambience that combines the sexy with the sinister.

There are three levels to this venue. There is a top Mezannine level which was originally the Bank Managers and Accountants offices. This area is for private functions. The Ground level has a large centrally located bar and a deli at the rear which is serving fresh lunches and snacks. The lower ground had a new fitted dining area. It is dark and brooding and sensuous place to dine. The ambience is sexy with a tongue in cheek approach to the pig.

Upon entry, one is greeted with the geometric splendour of a sky high art deco lobby. Lush greenery undulates over the lofty 1920s cream travertine, recalling the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, while scattered dried chestnuts hint of “pig feed”.

The ground floor deli presents open displays of pastries, and for the busy corporate crowd, a meat slicer provides carve-on-the-spot charcuterie. Wine bottles line the walls on dark oak stained timber and brass.

Design elements unique to the site (the former Bank of New South Wales building) are married masterfully with the dining concept. The mezzanine level, which includes the original bank manager and accountant’s offices in frosted glass, transforms into a sleek champagne and oyster bar.

Polished black stairs go deep underground to the dining room, which
features a collection of antique cleavers and butcher’s saws. Seating booths with peekaboo mirrors allow diners to spy on other parties; imagery is hung by antique chain and butcher’s hooks.

A deep palette of charcoals is punctuated with gilt trimmings. Shadowy slaughterhouse references are offset with tongue-in-cheek details including painted tiles that tell the story of ‘This Little Piggy Went to Market’. The impressive vintage bar has an old butcher’s sign featuring black lettering shadowed in enamel gold.

The studio’s photography was even styled with pigs’ carcasses and internal organs. A little too close to the bone for some, but for a bank masquerading as an abattoir, that’s what we call adding ambience.