Anemoi Artwork at LIV Apartments

Rick Vermey and Daniel Guiffre’s tessellated artwork ‘Anemoi’ invites residents and visitors into this Defence Housing Australia apartment complex in Fremantle with a spectacular animated light show. About 800 Color Kinetics Flex MX full colour LED nodes are placed at the intersections between triangles. The nodes display animated patterns inspired by rippling water, rolling waves and billowing fabric to reinforce the physical geometry of the artwork, inspired by those same elements.

A digital anemometer installed on the roof of the apartment complex relays wind speed and direction data in real time to a Pharos lighting controller. Harnessing the Pharos scripting engine, the system dynamically selects the light show to be displayed, orienting its movement to align with the wind direction and the speed of movement scaled with wind speed.

The granularity of control made possible by Color Kinetics, the power of Pharos controllers, and the skill of Light Application programmers combined on this project to create an ever changing light show that reflects the real weather conditions at the site, ensuring residents are treated to a new show each time they pass the artwork.

Artist: Rick Vermey and Daniel Guiffre
Client: Defence Housing Australia
Art Coordinator: Helen Curtis, Apparatus
Fabricator: DENMAC
Architect: Hassell
Photographer: Artist Liaison