Shining a Light on Mantra at Sharks

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, Mantra at Sharks Hotel & Events Centre is ideally situated for all business events. The façade of this brand new hotel features a unique art piece, which has been illuminated by Griven architectural luminaires.

Offering 120 accommodation rooms and a new roof top bar, Mantra at Sharks complements the existing facilities of three restaurants, five bars & world-class fitness centre. The 1,000 seat Events Centre offers flexibility with a full glassed wall and natural lit Ballroom, 7 function spaces and 3,800 sqm outdoor village green. The property has over 500 complimentary car parks, and is a short walk to key organizations such as Griffith University, Gold Coast Public and Private Hospitals.

Mantra at Sharks provides a unique offering to the area, in addition to resolving the club’s accommodation demands from existing markets, including weddings, business events, and the growing North Gold Coast region’s needs. Its futuristic design is inspired by the undulating site topography, while the Southport Sharks main entry creates a striking identity statement for both club and hotel. The reception and foyer are conceived as

 a contemporary take on the Queensland verandah forming a shady cool connection between the new hotel and the existing club main entry.

In order to illuminate the art piece mounted to the western façade of the hotel, two different kinds of Griven LED fixtures were selected to achieve the desired final result. Some linear bars of the PARADE X-48 series in RGBW colour configuration with elliptical optics were installed internally at the base of the fence-like structure, which artistically adorns the whole façade. The PARADE X-RGBW-48 units deliver a splash of colour from the base, which is then surmounted by spots of white light delivered by a number of ZAPHIR luminaires in warm white configuration.

PARADE X-RGBW-48 is the leading edge high luminance flagship of the linear LED modules by GRIVEN. Superb output with real uniform colour coverage even on close-up installations, especially on formerly prohibitive large-scale architectural elements, and the newly conceived optics groups provide for truly powerful grazing lighting enhancement. The combination of the 48 RGBW LEDs featured and the photometric distribution efficiency offers an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate colour hues for an even broader range of application purposes. PARADE X-RGBW-48 newly designed stylish profile is complemented by the on board control panel that offers instant and complete access over all digital functions.

Developed for refined architectural lighting, ZAPHIR W features 40 cold or warm white power LEDs, that are capable of delivering a remarkable performance from an extremely compact unit. The cold or warm white LEDs set-up creates a stunning visual rendering of warm tones or cool shades, thus offering a broad range of application purposes. The comprehensive selection of optics groups available makes this colour changer suitable for a variety of lighting installations, which require maximum photometric flexibility. The full digital control system, obtainable from any five-channel remote DMX512 control desk, includes also stand-alone functions implemented by pre-configured colour sequences and master/slave mode for multiple units synchronization. The Polar Edition features an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, which assures a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.

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