Twin Hemingray Insulator Wall Light

Brass Twin Hemingray Insulator Wall Light, with antiqued plated brass body fitting and two E14 lampholders. Comes with 1/2″ threaded hollow arm and wall plate for installation to a wall surface. The Hemingray insulators are either genuine aqua or green from North America or repro as amber glass. The Hemingray Glass Company operated factories in Kentucky and Indiana between 1848-1972 and was the largest manufacturer of glass insulators in the world. The Hemingray 42 was one of Hemingray’s most popular and prolific insulators. These were manufactured by the millions, so most are extremely common. Those “bumps” at the bottom of the insulator are called drip points. Hemingray patented drip points on May 2, 2020 as “teats” for drawing moisture off of the insulator. Hemingray produced two styles of drip points, sharp and later round drip points. This one features sharp drip points. Whilst there are many examples of insulators and they are becoming a unique collectable, this style is so common as to make re-purposing an interesting proposition. Whilst the aqua are common in the USA they are hard to come by in sets of similar colour from Australia. Green are more difficult to locate but the amber option is readily available as it is a reproduction made for this purpose.

Globes required for this fitting are smaller E14 style. The LED’s we have made specially (photographed) can be added to your order.

Vintage Edison design.
Solid brass construction.
Solid brass lampholders.
2 x Hemingray insulators.

Edison Light Globes