Digilin at Lightspace

Lightspace is Brisbane’s unique event and exhibition venue and fast becoming the number one location for exhibitions, presentations product launches and private events. When building a premier venue in Brisbane and calling it Lightspace, it stands to reason that you should use lighting from the premier lighting manufacturer in Brisbane, and that’s exactly what they did!

The venue is equipped with the Digilin Sigma Linear Highbay, with a custom black finish. These luminaires are DALI enabled and controlled by Digilin’s own PosiTouch DALI Keypad. Digilin is sincerely honoured to provide a general lighting and control solution to the venue, and extremely proud of the results.

With any project, there are challenges to be met and Lightspace was no different. LightSpace has nine distinct areas and is used for a variety of events, so user flexibility is critical. The ability to shift from low level base lighting to high lux states in each area is essential. The Sigma fixtures also had to combat shadowing from the large air conditioning ducts, requiring significant design work and optic selection by Lighting Designer Bruce White.

The control solution needed to be capable of multi zone functionality with touch simplicity for the wide variety of users of the space. The combination of Sigma Luminaires and PosiTouch keypads resolved all these challenges, via Digilin’s easy to use PosiTouch software.

The venue operator has expressed total satisfaction in a system has met and exceeded their expectations. The Sigma luminaires have delivered the required light levels, uniformity and simple zone control as per brief. A recent fashion event required a high lux runway stage, with the balance of the venue dimmed for audience comfort. This was easily achieved with the Sigma & PosiTouch combination. There is consistent feedback from technicians and MC’s that “The lighting is excellent and so easy to control”.

A big thanks to the venue operator Mr. John MacDonald and Lighting Designer Mr. Bruce White for the opportunity to light this venue. It truly is a great example of Brisbane locals working together!