Network – A 1956 by Tai Ping Capsule Collection






Two subjects that are rarely if ever grouped together, yet are profoundly interconnected – Math and Philosophy.

Euclidian Geometry, the study of shapes of logic, is based on squares, flat planes, straight lines, and singularities. Everything from computers to kitchen sinks has been designed using this form of mathematics. It is thousands of years old. Nearly all our technology is based on it.

There is another form of mathematics that nature uses to build everything from the atom, to Humans and galaxy clusters. This form of mathematics has a couple different names, Energetic Geometry or Geodesic Math. It doesn’t use flat planes, straight lines, or singularities. It uses angles, frequency, and duration.

Energetic Geometry was used for the navigation in getting humans to the moon and back.

Explore NETWORK , our newest capsule collection, that reaches this sphere of interconnected design paradigms.