The Psychology behind Carpets

Most people don’t consider that carpets play a major role in influencing behaviours of a venue’s patrons including their purchase decisions and moods.

Within the myriad of hospitality sectors, commercial venue operators can use carpet as a significant factor for influencing their clientele. Carpet choice is a direct indication of the type of experience that is expected and needed from the venue.

It’s vital that interior designers work closely with the venue operators to develop colour and design concepts that work as an integral part of the whole scheme.

Brintons APAC Head of Design, Julie Björk said: “Through Brintons’ extensive library we are able to offer a vast range of design solutions carefully developed to complement any individual space.

“These designs can be adequately recoloured to suit the finishings of a building’s interior. Or once the theme of an establishment is determined, we can work on a new bespoke design that can address all areas of the particular venue.”

There are certain standards across industries, however some typical treatments currently include:

  • Gaming – large scale heavily textured and layered designs which are great for durability as well as visual impact. Colour palettes are usually a range of contrasting hues with dramatic highlights to reflect the high energy of these rooms.
  • High-end restaurants – tend to have a more sophisticated and tempered aesthetic to promote a more tranquil mood that is complementary to the style of the interior.
  • Family restaurants – a vibrant atmosphere and pops of playful colours and patterns.
  • Public spaces – restraint that can work to help direct foot traffic, whilst not being too dominating and taking over the space. Neutral palettes with strong texture aid durability to the heavy foot traffic as well as harmonise with the structural elements that feature very prominently in today’s architecture.

Colour pallets are drawn from the timber finishes, tiles and other finishes to create a harmonious atmosphere.

“Carpet colour can affect emotional moods. In selecting carpet design and colour, it is important to establish the mood you wish to create and stay within the range of colour hues that is conducive to that objective.

“Colours and patterns are powerful and can influence our state of mind, how we recall information, decision making and behaviour. For example, the colour red is among the most psychologically stimulating colours in the colour palette. People working in an environment with red reportedly work faster, harder, and are more productive or that snap buying decisions are based on colour influencers,” added Julie.


East Leagues Club in Brisbane

Recently Brintons assisted in the renovation and expansion of East Leagues Club in Brisbane’s Southside. Today the club is one of the most luxurious in the region.

Working with architects Brand and Slater, the brief was to create a subtle elegance with a suite of sophisticated, high performance patterned Axminster carpet throughout the floors of the gaming, auditorium and function areas.

The pattern selected is chic – grand, celestial motifs resting on a shimmering tonal ground to reflect the 5-star luxury of the venue. The palette is neutral, using earthy tones with the slightest suggestion of burgundy red to give warmth. The team of experts varied the scale of carpet design, rather than the patterning or colour treatment to ensure consistency and harmony throughout the venue.

Photography: Alex Donnini Photography

Pakenham Racing Club in Victoria

In contrast, Club Officer at Pakenham Racing Club in Victoria opted for a funky woven flooring solution to entice a family friendly environment.

The carpet is a key feature. It’s high-impact, graphic, tessellated design resulted from a collaborative design process between Brintons and architects, Bate Design Strategies. The use of the hero design throughout the bistro and gaming areas creates a sense of harmony and flow through the venue. The carpet patterning is cleverly textured to enhance interest and the colour treatment gives the venue energy for patrons of all ages.

First impressions count and even though the design and colour scheme varies for each establishment, the clientele is always at the forefront.

Photography: Images are also courtesy of Bate Design Strategies