Nightlife Music at all TFE Hotels

More than 60 hotels in Australia and New Zealand will have a ground breaking new tailored music experience from Nightlife Music as the result of a unique deal with TFE Hotels.

Nightlife’s cutting-edge music platform will help hotel managers engage with guests, by providing curated on-brand playlisting and an in-venue music request app called crowdDJ®.

Nightlife Music provides curated musical experiences via subscription to more than 7000 pubs, clubs, fitness centres and cruise ships. It launched in Australia 30 years ago and its partnership with TFE Hotels is its first major foray into the hotel accommodation sector.

Nightlife will roll out tailored music at all TFE Hotels in every capital city of Australia and in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. There will be cool and contemporary playlists at the new Vibe Hotel in North Sydney, more classic tunes at the new Heritage hotel, Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane, and sophisticated collections at the new urban resort, The Calile Hotel, in Brisbane (to open in September).

TFE Hotels will also be rolling out the facility to stream music into hotel rooms, which is already live at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Bay and due to be implemented at The Calile Hotel later this year.

TFE Hotels Chief Operating Officer Chris Sedgwick said the move is a game-changer, further amplifying its commitment to providing the best customer experience in an era where guests were accustomed to having excellent music and technology at their fingertips at all times.

“Gone are the days of accepting that dull lobby music will follow you into the elevator and the restaurant with a bland one-size-suits-all sound,” he said. “This will be like having a DJ follow you around the hotel, creating curated song lists tailored to your location, whether that’s Bondi or Darwin, and to your location within the hotel, from the lobby to the bar or the pool, and with a mood to suit the time of day.”

Mr Sedgwick said that TFE Hotels worked hard to be on the front foot of service delivery in a fast-evolving travel landscape and in an age of disruptors.

“This will help us create a competitive advantage by creating a better experience at our hotels, which you could not get at our competitors,” he said.

“Our research shows that the modern traveller wants more personalisation in order to feel at home when they travel. We know that music creates a sense of experience and that can be very personal. Nightlife provides an excellent technology that allows us to cater to that need.”

Nightlife CEO David O’Rourke attributes the partnership to TFE Hotels’ forward-thinking approach to the customer experience.

“Nightlife has been the leader in commercial music in Australia for almost three decades, servicing the biggest names in the entertainment industry,” Mr O’Rourke said. “The line between accommodation and hospitality sectors is no longer clear as hotels now have to compete with F&B, where customer engagement is critical. TFE Hotels is pioneering the power of music as a point of difference in a new age of accommodation offerings, taking it out of the background and fearlessly featuring it like never before. TFE Hotels understands music matters and their guests will notice this even more.”

Picture: TFE Hotels Chief Operating Officer Chris Sedgwick and Nightlife Music Chief Executive Officer David O’Rourke