Project Team

design: Tonic Design


carpets: Passo Flooring
carpet tiles
: Signature Floor Coverings
furniture: BSeated Global, Poliform, HUB, Redfox & Wilcox, Space, Pearl River, Luke, Cox & Cox, McGuire, Brabbu, Boyd Blue
tiles: Beaumont, Groove,
fabric: Verve, Warwick, Instyle, Charles Parsons, Charlie & Fenton, Zepel
acrylic finishes: Baresque
stone: Corian, Caesarstone

The design responded to the brief through the creation of functional but different spatial experiences across differently themed mini-venues within one singular venue. Care was taken to connect each space to the next to offer the guest a hint of what lies beyond, inviting them to explore deeper into the venue. The use of curves assists in promoting free flowing circulation spaces through bar and function areas, subtly referencing the spherical nature of bowling pins and balls.

The feature custom lit bowling pin ceiling and walls in the main bar, the custom lit arched fabric bowling lanes, the sculptural curved fabric feature in the function room the luxe parametric shaped dowel ceiling of the VIP bar all serve to create personality to the venue encouraging guests to return and share their experience with others.

Custom Design Tattoo Flooring

Passo Flooring provided Custom Design Tattoo Flooring in the Essentials 900 Quality. Tattoo  was selected as it is durable, offers great design flexibility and clarity and has a small minimum order of 12 SQM should maintenance carpet be required. Passo manufactured 7 unique custom designs to cover 10 areas at King Pin in 10 colour variations. In total they used 68 different colours in the 820 SQM project.

Passo Flooring

Eleanor Coffee Table

Material: Steel frame with Marble top.
Ideal for cafes, bars and restaurants.

BSeated Global


Furniture and decorative elements were selected in keeping with the design to further create spaces to be seen, to lounge, to hide and to celebrate. Various types and styles of furniture further enhance the luxe experiences available and importantly cater for multiple demographics who would visit the venue.

The Pins Royal VIP area strives to be something luxe and special with its curved ceiling made from 40,000 individual hardwood dowels and high quality finishes, furniture and fittings. Its external entry is understated almost hidden from view. A small window visible from within the main bar area gives a small glimpse of the ceiling detail, enticing patrons to discover what is hidden and wonderful to discover upstairs.