Project Team

design: Larissa Raywood

One of the main challenges of this site has been the fact that Newport is located in a 100 year flood zone so learning all about the rules and regulations has been interesting for co-owner Anna Pavoni.

“On the plus side it has given us inspiration for the multi-level interior design!” commented Anna. “We work with a great young designer called Larissa Raywood (recently departed from The Design Hunter). She’s incredible and has a real knack for understanding Alessandro’s ‘big picture’ vision and being able to turn it into reality (maybe it helps that her partner is Italian too!). Alessandro and Larissa have worked together now on both Via Alta, Via Alta Espresso and now Sotto Sopra. They make a great team, along with our builder Paul Jackson (PKJ Services – who also did Chiosco and Ormeggio with us).”

Taking overall inspirations from the cliffside coastal villages found throughout Italy, the interior of Sotto Sopra is a balance of warm tones of the areas facades mixed with the surrounding blues and calming colours of the waterside. The finishing elements added were warm timbers, tiled table tops, white washed rustic elements, and an Italian made decorative gloss block dividing wall.

A stand out feature to the space is the long communal table, often central to the Italian way of life, which was custom made by bespoke furniture company ‘Wild About Wood Designs’. A beautiful chestnut timber slab has been artfully mixed with a blue tinted glass center to highlight and connect the timber slabs. Pared with the table are handcrafted leather dining chairs, along with industrial elements throughout including zinc pendant lights, concrete polished floors and copper plumbing fittings in the restrooms.