Project Team

design: KW Interiors


tiles: TileArte
Warwick Fabrics
furniture: Nufurn,
Alliance Furniture Trading

The existing building had some great industrial style features and lovely high ceilings. The look and feel KW Interiors tried to emulate was ‘Old School New York’ going back to the Mobster area of the 1940’s to 50’s. Hence the restaurant has taken on a vintage industrial feel.

General constraints of the existing building meant that KW Interiors had to think carefully about the layout of the space. To comply with BCA a new disabled toilet had to be incorporated in to the ground floor. An old office are that they hoped could be demolished ended up having to stay. There were also structural issues with the existing floor supports. All these obstacles made for a challenging but interesting design process.

KW Interiors worked closely with the client and commercial kitchen designer to ensure that they allowed adequate space for the kitchen, pizza bar and bar. KW Interiors then worked together with the client to make sure that the layout of these key spaces allowed for maximum ease of operation. Certain BCA compliance issues meant that they had to put careful thought into access for patrons who may have a disability. The seating design and arrangement was influenced by the long nature of the existing space within the building. The client was very hands on with the building works, actually removing the existing render from the bricks himself.

Fortunately the building had some good ‘bones’, such as the brick walls that KW Interiors were able to expose adding to the rawness of industrial style they were going for. The brickwork combined with natural timber hardwood floors and a moody charcoal colour palette reinforce the industrial style. The black bars with painted timber moulding details and marble bench tops hint back to the New Work Style bar’s and studded banquet seating brings in a certain cigar club look and feel.

The textural qualities of the space were influenced by the existing structure of the building which fitted in with the Vintage Industrial style.

 With the high ceilings KW Interiors could afford to put a fair amount of depth in the walls and ceilings to give the space a moody feel.

Bon Uno Bentwood Chair

The Bon Uno bentwood chair is where it all started and is still handmade in Europe by Bon as it has been for over 135 years. This is one of the most successful bentwood chair designs of all time. It is crafted from 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified solid European Beech wood from sustainably managed plantation forests.


KW Interiors chose wall and pendant lights that had an industrial design to them. The use of wall mounted lights help to create more of an ambience than lots of overhead lighting. The finish of the light fittings was important also and they went for tarnished silvers and bronzes to pick up the colours in the exposed brickwork.

A collage wall of classic old school Americana and Italian heritage images creates a great talking point as you enter Marciano’s. The copper finished pizza oven is another fantastic focal point of the design. Its position in the Pizza bar allows customers to see their woodfired pizza’s cook before there very eyes.