Godfrey Hirst at Stone Motherless Bar

Ascot Racecourse in Perth, WA, is regarded as ‘the grand old lady’ of Australian racecourses. Sitting beneath the Grandstand of Western Australia’s premier racing venue, the Stone Motherless Bar’s needed an interior worthy of the venue’s rich history.

The interior is a classic example of merging trends to dramatic effect. Exposed brickwork and concrete, raw timber, steel and glass lighting give this bar an industrial edge. The pressed tin, wingback leather chairs, wishbone timber chairs, Chesterfield-style booths and framed racing pictures play homage to the old world charm of this much revered sport.

The carpet
A custom Designer Jet pattern produced on our commercial extra heavy duty Titanium carpet.
The black and grey linear pattern matches the masculine styling of the space, like the whisky and cigar bars of a bygone era.

This strong colour scheme contrasts against the brick work while complementing the blue grey walls. The precision of the classic bold stripe created by our Designer Jet printer gives the appearance of a woven carpet. It opens up the space and contrasts brilliantly against the contemporary furnishings.

A charcoal stippled pattern, also designer jet printed on Titanium, creates and informal frame around the bar and cafe seating.

So why the long name? Stone Motherless is an expression used to indicate that a horse is running a clear last in a race. As in, ‘my horse is running stone motherless last’. After the last race, punters can enjoy a drink, tapas or a meal and rub shoulders with jockeys and members of the racing fraternity.

Project: Stone Motherless Bar (Ascot Racecourse, Perth WA)
Location: 71 Grandstand Road, Ascot WA 6104
Architect and Design: Webster and Allan
Photography: Photography Project
Carpet: Godfrey Hirst Custom Designer Jet on Commercial Titanium Plush Sheet

Godfrey Hirst