Kindle Living now for hire

Planning an event? Looking for theming elements to set tone, mood, ambience, warmth and sophistication? Wanting to create a space that your guests remember for all the right reasons not the wrong ones? Well, look no further we have the answer and it’s all packaged up within one super impressive product that ticks ALL the boxes! Kindle Living heating and lighting hire service.

Kindle Living offer a range of heating and lighting options for event hire across Victoria (Metro/Regional) and NSW (*minimum order quantity applies for NSW ask when quoting). We do a range of events including but not limited to; corporate events, conferences, pop-up activations, live shows and exhibitions, private parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and so much more!

What’s for hire? The White Allison Heaters are by far the most popular product; these can come with LED lights in the base (optional extra) that can be themed to suit any décor colour palate imaginable. The LED lights can be set to White light which is perfect for weddings, or coloured light including a multi-colour strobing effect perfect for showcasing brand colours or matching to the surrounding decor environment. There are up to 6x White Allison units available for any one event and up to 4x Black units (no lights on black model).

The Allison model Heaters radiate heat 4.5 metres out from their core so you can comfortably 10+ people underneath one of these beauties on a cold night and it will keep you nice and toasty all night long! An added option with these heaters is the cocktail tables that rest on the neck of the heater. This is perfect for cocktail style events as your guests can rest their drinks, nibbles and purses on the table for your added convenience.

Additionally, Kindle Living has 2x Lumen Lamps for hire. The Lumen Lamp is purely a white lighting feature. The lamps illuminate from the head to the base of the unit and stand tall at over 2 metres for dramatic effect. They are the perfect feature to set off a grand entranceway or red carpet. Add glamour and elegance to a dance floor, light up a stage or even add symmetry to a wedding ceremony setting oozing style.

What’s really fabulous about Kindle products is you really don’t need to add much more to a space whether it be indoors or outdoors to instantly add a dramatic effect and create mood and atmosphere.

Best of all, we do all the hard work for you. Let the white glove service deliver the product to your event location; set them up, turn them on and remove them once your event concludes. Entertaining in style has never been so easy and glamorous!

Kindle Living