Interplay with Axolotl

Jade Oakley’s Interplay is a site specific public artwork which was commissioned by Waverley Council after winning the public vote.

The artwork aims to protect, celebrate and draw attention to this important natural feature in this busy urban mall.

“When I first thought about Waverley Mall as the site for a public artwork I was drawn to the trees. They are the most beautiful element in this place. They provide shade and shelter, beauty and calm. Every branch describes a different curve through the air. Every single leaf of these trees is unique. I wanted to embrace them.

‘Interplay’ expresses a symbiotic dance between art and nature. The sculptural forms are poised mid-waltz with the trees. Each of these screens is unique, inspired by microscopic photographs of plants. They are intended as a reminder of the little marvels that surround us; growth, decay, transformation.

These sculptures began with my drawings of the cellular structure of plants. The drawings were digitised and laser cut from 8mm thick mild steel. The screens were rolled to create a curve, then hand beaten by blacksmiths to create interesting sculptural forms. After galvanising the screens were coated with Axolotl copper and aged with Verdigris and Florentine, hand polished and sealed. The effect created is of a richly aged surface. The sculptures that look like they belong here beneath the trees, and as though they have always been here.” Jade Oakley

AAP worked with Jade Oakley and Creative Road on the design and fabrication of Interplay from concept design through to the polish of the aged Axolotl metal surface treatment.

Artist: Jade Oakley
Project Management: Creative Road
Professional Photography: Carolyn Price