Project Team

design: Luchetti Krelle

photography: Michael Wee


furniture: Prototype, Kezu, Cafe Culture, Stylecraft
lighting: Kezu

The last refurbishment of the Tilbury held up extremely well but it was time for an overhaul and refresh. Luchetti Krelle wanted to work with the existing elements and stay true to the Tilbury Hotel that is so loved, considered an institution it is close to many people hearts.

Their approach was refined, light, fresh and sophisticated but they never lost their sense of fun. They wanted to achieve a design that would hold the same longevity and success of the previous  refurbishment and decided the best way to approach the design would be to focus on quality of details whilst improving the comfort of patrons.

Brass, natural stone and timbers were used in their truest form. Much of the furniture was custom designed specifically for the project, they fit perfectly with the overall tone of the hotel and achieve the level of comfort that enhances a drinking and dining experience.

Subtle and detailed incorporation of brass was key to the design approach particularly in the custom made screens located in the dining area. The backlit patchwork ceiling with its strong use of pattern and colour act as an artwork, its practicality hidden as an oversized sound absorber.

Nods to beer‐garden children playgrounds can be seen in the form of ‘monkey bar’ tables and ‘merry‐go-round’ bench seats. Whimsical umbrellas on the first floor terrace are enhanced with soft pastels pops against the otherwise restrained palette.

The space flows whilst retaining a sense of identity. Furniture and lighting is mixed ‐ not in an eclectic way but rather in a choreographed dance.