VIP Gaming Room Carpet from Passo

Passo Flooring in collaboration with Geoff Glyn Gaming have developed and released a unique range of carpet designs for VIP Gaming rooms.

The brief was for a carpet construction to withstand intense traffic experienced in Gaming venues at a price competitive with current low cost carpet tile options. The collection of designs is reflective of our countries identity, earthy strong tones but with eye catching brilliance typical of Australia’s natural environmental.

The carpet chosen for the collection was Miro 800, a carpet engineered for the purpose with an attached underlay backing system for both ease of installation around and under gaming machines. Miro, with its own built in acoustic underlay both reduces the noise generated in gaming venues and also enables easy repair and maintenance where required. The carpet also has an additional factory applied stain blocker which helps reduce costs with long term maintenance.

The Collection was designed by Passo’s Sydney design studio and is available either through Passo Flooring directly or Geoff Glyn Gaming

Passo Flooring