Void Arcline Bass

The ultra compact Arcline Bass has been designed to be the perfect partner for the Arcline 6 line array loudspeaker. With a high power 18″ transducer and multiple rigging options, the Arcline Bass provides the ultimate foundation for a truly compact and transportable line array system.

Featuring the same 3 propriety mounting points as the Arcline 6, the bass is able to configure itself in various ways to form a complete full range system that can easily be deployed single handedly. Used in a vertical ground stacked configuration with either 2 or 3 enclosures high, the Arcline Bass offers the perfect platform to support up to 3 Arcline 6 loudspeakers. If sight lines are a problem and the system must be flown, then multiple Arcline bass enclosures can be suspended from a fly frame with any number of Arcline 6 loudspeakers below.

In a world with ever decreasing budgets for sound productions, ease of use combined with versatility become the overriding concerns. Any system that can be setup in very little time by the least amount of people gets the work and its these considerations that have created the Arcline Bass. Two Neutrik speakON™ NL4s are provided for driver connections.

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