Ambient Visuals for your venue

Still showing free-to-air tv on your screens? It’s time to replace it with visuals made for your venue.

You’ve thought about the layout, you’ve chosen your equipment and furniture and you’ve recruited great staff. Have you thoughtfully considered your visual options for all those TV screens? Free-to-air shows and ads for insurance or the latest home cleaning gadget really don’t cut it; they don’t make sense without the audio and I’m sure you agree they’re not actually something your members or customers look forward to seeing.

Some fitness clubs have banned news broadcasts because of disagreements between members around political views, and the negative effect on their members’ emotional well-being from reading depressing news headlines. Talk about killing your exercise high!

Meanwhile we’ve all walked in to our local hotel to be greeted with the sound of voices blasting at high volume from all the speakers, talking about the latest sporting moment or discussing some obscure topic you have no interest in. This kind of discussion might be fine for the TAB but not your main bar.

Ambient is a smart choice

Your members and customers want excitement – they’re used to constant delight when scrolling their social feeds. They are looking for distraction from the discomfort of their workout, somewhere to look while they’re resting between sets or waiting in line at the bar and something to hold their attention between rounds.

Ambient Visuals are the ideal solution for your screens. These short, sharp clips are designed to run back-to-back and are a great counterpoint to your venue’s branding and messaging. Using the Digital Advertising capability on the Nightlife system, you can intersperse eye-catching Ambient Visuals with important gym announcements (remind members to keep the free weights tidy, promote bookings for Personal Training sessions, or advertise your next gym Open Day) or hotel information (promote your upcoming Live Music shows, advertise your functions space or show meal and beverage specials).

Ambient Visuals are also MADE to be screened without sound, meaning you can blast the Nightlife playlist or your member-sourced crowdDJ tunes. Audio and visuals sorted.

A range to suit every venue

Nightlife Music’s Ambient Visuals cover a range of content. Here’s some of the options:

  • ESPN – Highlights from all the major US sports, including NBA, NFL, MLB, plus the English Premier League, IPL and more
  • EXTREME – Extreme sports and adrenaline junkies performing unbelievable stunts.  Includes Base Jumping, BMX, Snowboarding Parkour and more
  • GYM TV – Programmed specifically for gyms and health clubs, featuring high-energy fitness and athletic clips from around the world
  • SPORTS – The wide world of team and individual sports, ranging from the Super Bowl to Moto-Cross stunts and everything in between
  • LIFE – Landscapes, cityscapes, vistas and natural icons from around the world.  Travel, nature and natural wonders, plus drone footage, time-lapse etc
  • NRL – Weekly highlights from the National Rugby League, including the entire State Of Origin series as well as the Finals

The Nightlife team can get your new visuals up and running in no time.