Project Team

design: Dreamtime Australia Design
builder: Beebo Constructions


lighting: Opal Lighting
furniture: Country Design Furniture, FEI
joinery: Country Design Furniture
tiles: Di Lorenzo Tiles
upholstery: Pelle Leathers

Nick’s Seafood owns six venues around Darling Harbour, the latest of which is Cyren, formerly Jordans.

Cyren has been designed as a relaxed “whitewashed” waterfront-style restaurant and bar blending a variety of commissioned artist finishes and uses of timber and other materials drawing on the “waterfront” theme, that sets Cyren apart from its’ competitors.

The walls are simple whitewashed American Oak veneer, providing a bright “waterfront” feel during the day and a warmly illuminated backdrop in the evenings.

Columns are clad in recycled aged hewn Queensland blackbutt timber boards, providing dramatic yet warm central features and divisions throughout the large 650-seat restaurant.

Flooring for the indoor / outdoor space is faux-timber ceramic tiled “boards” beautifully mimicking white-washed timber.

The ceiling features sound-absorbent white-coloured acoustical flocking with white-washed timber boards suspended under – giving the appearance of an old timber beam ceiling.

Along the entrance from the Harbourside Mall, a stone clad wall is featured along with a sandblasted sandstone restaurant logo panel.

The 20 metre open kitchen features a split firewood counter front for it’s wood-fired grill, an uplit crushed ice oyster bar and a custom glass coolroom with featured seafood storage.

A number of commissioned art features make Cyren a truly unique venue. There’s a 2 hand carved “beach rock” installations (actually polystyrene with hand-painted sand exteriors), one floor standing and another hanging from a large fallen branch, both dramatically illuminated at night give the restaurant a very “beachy” feel.

A stunning hanging rope installation filled with LED lights from Paris-based artist Christian Haas speaks of wharf ropes.

A custom designed hanging boat oar installation from Indonesia hangs over the upper level bar while the 15 metre long lower bar is clad in coral stone specially imported from Florida in a multi-plane geometric pattern.