Create your own TV Channel with Nightlife

To create a captivating TV channel in your venue, you’re going to need three main ingredients: visuals, soundtrack and advertising. How these look and sound is entirely customisable with Nightlife’s range of music, content and intelligent management tools – read on for our recommendations!

Ingredient 1: Choose your visuals

From stunning time-lapse landscapes through to the death-defying stunts of online sensations like Devin Supertramp (seriously go check him out) and ESPN sports highlights, our content researchers have packaged awesome visuals into themed lists that you can program to suit your customers’ taste.

Unlike Free-to-Air or Pay TV where you need the volume turned up for the vision to make sense, Ambient Visuals is designed to play without an Audio track – meaning you can still have great music playing to set the vibe in your venue.

Why not play a combination of both Ambient Visuals and Music Video for some variety.

Ingredient 2: Choose your soundtrack

You are in total control over the soundtrack that plays on your TV Channel!

The best thing is that you don’t have to choose every song! Your Nightlife Relationship Manager is here to guide you through a briefing process to determine the music you need to match your brand and your customers.

Our briefing process ensures you end up with the right mix of music playing in the venue, and our integration with Spotify allows you to plug in your own playlists for an extra layer of customisation.

Ingredient 3: Choose your messages

With compelling Ambient Visuals and Music Video attracting eyeballs, this is the perfect opportunity to communicate offers and messages to your customers.

The Nightlife Web App now allows you the convenience of controlling your ads via a web browser regardless of whether you are in the venue or not.

Group operators can now have marketing staff push content from head office, and venue managers at the individual sites driving messages onto screens for a local audience.

We would love to help you create your own TV channel – call us on 1800 773 468 for more information.