Painting a Flush-Mount Speaker?

Most of the time, when there is a call for flush-mount ceiling speakers, the client / architect / designer wants them to be finished in a white colour. Which makes sense – most ceilings are white in colour and a big advantage when using flush-mount speakers is that you can make them ‘disappear’ into the ceiling.

But what about when the ceiling isn’t white…?

In the past, you’ve had a couple of options;
1)          Install a white speaker into a non-white ceiling and have them STAND OUT, which is usually not an acceptable option.
2)         Paint a white speaker to match / blend-in with the ceiling. Which is a great idea in theory, but rarely results in a ‘professional’ finish. Regardless of the amount of care taken when trying to re-finish a ceiling speaker you are usually left with a clogged speaker grille and an overly-fragile finish, susceptible to scratches and scrapes. And, there’s always a chance that your speaker can be damaged if the painter is a bit heavy-handed with the brush / roller / spray-gun!

We have other options available!

Black Speakers
Using a black speaker is perfect for black or dark-coloured ceilings (grey, dark-blue, brown).
We have a large number of loudspeakers which are available in black as well as white; including Audac CS55, CS75 & CS85 Quickfit speakers and Posh SS6 & SS8COAX speakers & SS8SUB subwoofers.

Black magnetic grilles
The CELO & MERO speakers from Audac are designer in-ceiling / in-wall speakers with magnetic, low-profile speaker grilles, which are sure to keep every architect and designer happy.
All speakers are supplied as standard with a white grille, but BLACK grilles are also available. The grilles simply ‘click’ into place over the speakers, held in place with powerful neodymium magnets.

Raw magnetic grilles
Audac takes the low-profile concept a step further by offering ‘Raw’ grilles for the CELO and MERO speaker products.

What are raw grilles? – We’re glad you asked!
They are unfinished speaker grilles, which feature a slightly rough finish (as opposed to a smooth painted finish), which allows paint to easily adhere to it. They are also supplied WITHOUT the acoustic speaker cloth attached, so that the paint doesn’t fill up the openings in the grille.
This allows you to Custom-Paint you speakers to match the décor, without any chance of paint damage to the speakers and ensures a PROFESSIONAL finish – As though it was painted in the factory.

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