Lighting Options new website

Now you can see our showroom from the comfort of wherever you happen to be sitting … or standing.

We’ve updated our website and added a virtual tour!

If you’ve not had the chance to visit us in person yet, come see what our space looks like by going to our website and clicking on ‘Showroom’ in the menu:

You can play in our showroom a few different ways. Once you’ve hit the play button, you can walk through a 360° view of our showroom.

Clicking on ‘dollhouse’ shows you a 3D model of our showroom, whereas ‘floorplan’ gives you a top-down layout. You’ll just click anywhere in the plan to get an up close and friendly view of any spot you desire.

We believe you’ll enjoy the new look of our website too. Seeing projects we’ve worked on, the latest lighting products we adore and reading about what we’ve been up to is now much easier.

Come cruise through and let us know what you think:

Lighting Options Australia