Project Team

Interior Design: Hertrich/Adnet Studio


Interior Design: Hertrich/Adnet Studio

The concept, behind the refurbishing of this village, was the awakening of a sleeping beauty.

The whole village has indeed perfectly survived time and trends, but the centre was a little worn out, and faded…

The Hertrich/Adnet Studio was invited to be involved in all the common areas including the lobby, the beach swimming pool, the creation of a new bar with its deck and terraces, the amphitheatre, the lounge, the main restaurant, the specialties restaurant… and the spa.

The existing village, based on a traditional concept, inspired us our determination to carry out the refurbishing in a contemporary style on some of the areas.

The red colour is almost everywhere and punctuates the whole project.

The lobby Red flooring welcomes the visitor, leading him to the reception area, giving it a new sparkle. The choice of furniture gives the space a new atmosphere of purity. Organic shaped light fittings bring life to the roof structure.

The beach swimming pool The whole swimming pool is topped with natural stone (local vera green) and its surroundings shape large beaches covered with the same stone or with teak wood. Long chairs, umbrellas, sofas and other pieces of furniture are made of natural colour materials, and suited in red and white fabric.

The main bar In extension with the swimming pool, and in line with the theatre, a new bar area becomes the new focal point of the village. In spite of very impressive dimensions, it plays with lightness and transparency, creating new perspectives towards the sea. It is punctuated with big concrete columns, as well as openwork wooden panels. A new deck, located slightly below, a peripheral terrace, small gazebos, as well as private rooms allow the customers to sit comfortably and be attended to in different areas. Convivial, private, turned towards the sea or the swimming pool, they all hinge around a
huge, circular carved wooden bar (revisited traditional designs) placed in the center of the room. A chandelier, made of lighting woven fibre, decorates and livens up the space. In the evening, the changing lights as well as the music bring a new atmosphere to the place.

The amphitheatre The current amphitheatre continues with a lounge, where pool table, organic shaped sofas, card tables and long chairs surround a huge wooden red gloss painted library. It provides shelter to books, a few rare pieces, and ancient statues.

The main restaurant A new contemporary designed kiosk leads you upstairs. A footbridge carries you to the buffet area. Gigantic offering cups greet you and show the best of extraodinary products. Lively buffets offer diverse cooking styles. Around this space, 6 different dining rooms allow you to choose, according to your mood, your favorite atmosphere.

The Nagas Terrace Punctuated and lit by a multitude of lanterns, this large terrace greets you with two big carved wooden Nagas (protective dragons)

The deities sitting room Golden divinities statues appear and disappear magically behind mirrors. Outlying suspensions light up the dining room. Golden silk lanterns decorate the ceiling. The whole area is punctuated with whitened wooden seats, covered with purple fabric.

The orchid room Whiter and brighter than the other rooms, it consists in metallic screen walls. Made of metal, they are used to hang potted orchids and carry numerous (electrical) candles lighting up the whole area in a very warm way. The seats have been designed as a tribute to orchids.

The sunshade room Omnipresent on the island, these sunshades have been diverted from their original use in order to decorate the roof structure with a wonderful orange and safran monochrome

The patio terrace A large white roofing fabric protects this space from the sun and the rain. It allows the visitors to laze outside.

The specialties restaurant It praises red colour. The concept of monochrome gives a very modern and warm atmosphere. The wooden panels and the roof structure stand out on those red backgrounds, punctuated with red net curtains, large red vases, red flowers…The creation of a terrace allows the guests to dine outside while enjoying a beautiful view of the sea.

The SPA Run by Mandara Spa, it is partly created under an existing roofing structure. The reception exhales a feel good atmosphere of smoothness where natural materials mix with the orange colour of the walls and the white elements (two colours symbolizing pureness in Asia). A wooden path invites you in the darkness of a perfectly staged
corridor where you will be offered your favorite oils and exfoliants. Further down, the staff leads you to one of the treatment rooms or to the library. The treatment rooms themselves are simple, refined and opened on the garden. Pavilion style double rooms, inspired by traditional granaries, are accessible from elevated
footbridges. After your treatment, an outside resting area invites you to prolong your pleasure and laze in perfect peace of mind.