Project Team

design: H & E Architects


furniture: Contempo Furniture, Jardan, Thonet, Grazia and Co
lighting: Blom & Blom
planters: Terrace Outdoor Living
Timber floor: Tongue n Groove Flooring

The design for Gerrale St Kitchen draws inspiration from early modernist and mid-century modern architecture. The material palette is fresh and stripped back with white monolithic surfaces, subtle curves, warm timbers and round light fittings creating a homely, intimate dining environment in a beachside suburban context.

Design challenges emerged early with the existing ground level shell containing a prominent column arrangement and a low concrete soffit. The design approach worked with the site constraints and resulted in an open plan with a central kitchen separating the café and the restaurant.

The restaurant was divided into three distinct spaces running lengthways through the site. The kitchen and a mid-height wall defines the first area. High tables and stools at the bar line the perimeter of the kitchen to create a more casual dining experience with views through to the charcuterie and oyster display. The central secondary dining space is contained by tiled columns and a full height timber glazed wall with low seating running lengthways. The third space is light-filled and narrow, with planting and a fireplace to anchor the room. Exposed off-white brickwork and an expansive glazed roof run the entirety of the room.

Conceptually the design is driven by referencing mid-century modern and early modernist houses. Large mirrors reminiscent of P&O style portholes line the northern boundary wall, monolithic tiled surfaces clad the bars & columns and round light fittings hang from the ceiling.  Reflecting the shared plate menu, furniture within the venue is designed to be intimate and homely with a large communal table and loose sofa like leather & oak banquettes throughout.

The subtle palette of white tile, stone and timber surfaces contrasted with blonde timbers enhance and disperse the quality of direct natural light. A play of shadows has been developed through the timber cladding to the skylight framing and creating a rhythmic dance of light and dark.

Contempo Custom Furniture

Tables, bench seats, timber banquettes, leather banquettes, mirrors custom made by Contempo Furniture.

Contempo Furniture

Large frosted glass sliding doors allow for a separate section of the dining area for private settings. When closed the large panels crest a sense of enclosure and separation in a way that still allows the dramatic natural light to prevail through the rest of the interior.