Griven LooseLED

Flexible strips with either white or RGB Full Colour LEDs for cost effective low power consumption decorative applications. Using high brightness LEDs, these strips offer very comfortable assembling and easy interconnection techniques.

On the RGB models, the state of the art electronic colour mixing gives real colour rendering while durability and minimal maintenance are additional benefits that all versions share in common.

The white LED strips are available in warm (2700K, 3200K and 3500K), natural (4200K) and cold (5500K) colour temperature and with different power.

An IP65 outdoor protection sleeve is among the list of optional accessories. A microprocessor-based electronic board with Master-Slave and standalone functions for the RGB colour mixing control is available as an optional, too.

Versatility and powerful output make the LooseLED series a discrete surface-mount lighting solution for a host of architectural applications, such as: cove lighting, backlighting for signage letters, accent lighting, concealed lighting, theme parks, theatre and convention halls, as well as any indoor and outdoor decorative concept.

ULA Group