Fat Shack Vintage at Saxe

Milky glass ball lights are the light of the moment. Here they are in Saxe, a luxurious Melbourne restaurant. It features both the Bunker Globe Wall Light and the Opal Glass Ball Light.

The Bunker Globe Wall Light is surface mounted bunker globe wall light has a simple and subtle design that can be incorporated into many d├ęcors. The black bunker oozes classic industrial vintage style and the gold bunker gives more of a modern-luxe or Hollywood regency charm. Both are sure to transform a rooms style instantly and can create an ambient feel with the use of the milky glass covers.

The Opal Glass Ball Light can be easily mixed with all different types of decorating styles. The hand blown glass shades smooth lines give it that timeless appeal which can be incorporated into contemporary or traditional rooms. These light fixtures are hung with a braided textured black or white pendant light cord to give it that vintage finishing touch.

Fat Shack Vintage