Project Team

design: Interior Arc


carpet: Passo Flooring

The hotel has a unique history in Sydney, all the public areas in the hotel are named after famous Australian artists. The space was formerly a lobby bar, which has not been fully utilised.

The client was looking for something up-to-date and functional, yet still ties in with the rest of the existing hotel. Here is where Interior Arc’s contemporary classic design approach really fits into the 5 Star International Hotel market.

The obstacles came about when the designers realised that there were a lot of inherent elements within the ceiling, which meant they had to work with what they had, and make the most out of it in order to make sure the design works as a whole.

The hotel was fully operating during construction, so the designers had to make sure minimum noise was transferred through the hotel, therefore minimising demolition. They re-worked joinery to hide any unwanted elements left behind.

There is an inherent use of metallic paint throughout the hotel, for a sense of opulence. As more contemporary yet classic approach to this sense of opulence, a pearl paint finish was chosen on the ceilings to create that similar reflective effect.

Materials and finishes are already used throughout the hotel were studied, and then the designers brought in fresher, brighter and more contrasting versions of similar quality finishes and materials to create a contemporary space.

The custom carpet design ties the who concept together through the use continuity, the use of circles to tie in with the geometry of the pendant lights, yet with borders which defines the potential use of space.

The design incorporates a fully dimmable lighting system with separate controls to the pendants, downlights and LED ceiling coffers. This allows the users to create high through to low tempo moods for all occasions, allowing maximum flexibility for function room hire.

The special features incorporated would have to be the technology based equipment. All audio visual set up are fully linked, synced and compatible for anyone walking in with any device.

Circles in Motion Carpet

Interior Arc chose to work with the Circles In Motion design guide on this project because of its fast manufacture and delivery time (5 weeks from order), its cost effectiveness and its flexibility for colour and design selections. With 24 prepared designs based on circular movement and a palette of 600 colours to choose from, the Circles in Motion design guide combines your creativity within a clearly structured system that can be delivered quickly and on time but also allows for unlimited changes to design and colour.

Passo Flooring