Project Team

interior design: Kylie Sinclair of K.S.I.D


furniture: Rustix Furniture
lighting:  Fat Shack Vintage
mural: Artwrx

The existing restaurant is housed in an old terrace property, which made for some tight and tricky spaces, as well as consideration for some of the existing character features.

The clients’ wanted the space to feel lighter and brighter, while still retaining a casual, rustic, and colourful aesthetic – true to the feel and vibe of a Mexican-style Café.

A Graphic Design team assisted with branding, to compliment the palette, and overall creative direction. Sign-makers constructed the custom feature light boxes. A Mural Artist to install a wall mural to the upper level wall, and to hand-paint decorative patterns throughout the general areas.

The current floor plan exists over two levels – and due to tighter budget constraints the areas were refurbished separately. This allowed the clients’ to keep trading while the decorative refurbishment was installed.

As the budget was limited, it helped to source true, recycled items – as well as using hand painted techniques to upgrade existing furniture and to introduce colour and pattern to
the interior walls.

The aged texture of the existing walls was part of the charm of the old terrace location. This enhanced the hand-painted stenciling to walls, as well as exaggerating the organic and
rustic textures of furniture, signage and new branding items. The colours and patterns were inspired by Mexican textiles.

The repetition of the colour palette into the overall branding items has made the scheme translate much stronger overall. Due to cost restrictions there were limited physical layout changes that  could be made to the restaurant – so concentration on the overall decorative applications made for the biggest impact.

Simple bulb lighting and black flex cabling is used to contrast against the white ceilings. This was installed into the existing lighting locations and exaggerated with extra cabling for effect.

New pendant lights above the bar were added to give the bar more significance.

A hand-painted mural to the upper level walls which, was installed by the professional Mural Artist. This represents the two ‘Flying Fajita Sistas’.

The custom light boxes that were installed to the wall of the main dining space are a standout feature. These are light hearted, colourful and quirky – and create ambient lighting that can also be
seen from Glebe Point Road.

Warehouse Ceiling Pendant Light

These metal warehouse ceiling pendant light fixtures have a classic industrial look that would be right at home in both a modern or vintage setting. Powdercoated in black, white, blue or federation green outer with a contrasting white powdercoated inner.

Fat Shack Vintage