Upstream by Carpets Inter

The EBB & FLOW of water continues as it flows from the smallest springs and creeks to the flowing rivers and oceans around the world. Going against the current is often the slower and harder path to take.

Upstream has been engineered to highlight how for more than a decade, Carpets Inter has diverted plastic waste from becoming part of this essential movement of water around our planet.

By recycling over 700 million discarded plastic bottles to create EcoSoft carpet tiles, we have made a positive impact on the planet.

The new Upstream collection is a celebration of what has been achieved to date and also a commitment to hit our target to recycle 1 billion discarded plastic bottles by 2025.

Be a part of our mission!

EBB is a dynamic organic pattern that will accentuate any interior.

A steady FLOW of design, continuously streaming in one direction.