City of Lights switch on with Studio Due






Brisbane City Council’s City of Lights project aims to activate the city, bring people together to celebrate an enviable lifestyle, support small businesses and create a strong local economy.

Lighting and projection outcomes support events, create a unique identity for Brisbane and introduce elements of surprise and discovery enhancing the city experience for residents and visitors.

As part of the City Of Lights initiative, the eastern face of 239 George Street has been illuminated by a dramatic colour wash. Six Studio Due City Beam LED 24 RGBW/FC 5 degree luminaries were chosen by the council to facilitate the task. VAST – Vision and Sound Technology, were contracted to integrate the City Beams into the existing DMX network.

“Council selected the Studio Due City Beam luminaries and we have been suitably impressed with the fixtures and the impact achieved,” commented VAST’s Director, Cam Gunning. “The projection surface is a not so ideal brown shade and the average shoot distance is approximately 150 metres. However the 20 watt RGBW MC LED sources of the City Beam provide excellent output and evenness of colour to achieve a very consistent wash across the designated projection area.

“Overall the City Beam LED 24 is very functional luminaire with excellent optics and a very small installation footprint.”

A custom built steel frame work was engineered by council for installation of the fixtures, with three units being top mounted on their bases and three units being inverted to hang directly below the top three units. This format allowed an easy focus to be achieved and ensured that lumen outputs to the various staggered points of building facade could be matched with minimal adjustment.

Brisbane City Council’s proactive program to develop projection surfaces for illumination by partnering with owners of buildings and structures that surround its council owned assets, such as City Hall for example, is having a genuine impact on the Brisbane city skyline. Council cleverly use the platform of a building like City Hall as a key installation point for lighting sources that, with appropriate permissions, can be directed at surrounding structures. By engaging with building owners directly, a mutually beneficial result is achieved for both parties.

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