Kling-Force from Arkaos

Kling-Force is the new hardware platform built by ArKaos, around the combination of a powerful processor and a hardware network switch. It creates a robust and efficient Kling-Net network.

This platform is daisy chainable to distribute video over Ethernet via plug and play and no complex setup is required.

ArKaos introduces this new platform with two different interfaces: Kling-Force DMX and Kling-Force LED.

Kling-Force LED is an interface designed to drive LED strips. There are now many LED strips on the market with various densities, format and prices.

Kling-Force LED makes it easy and affordable to drive them from an ArKaos software acting as a media server.

More info here: http://www.arkaospro.com/kling-force-led

Kling-Force DMX is an elegant and efficient solution to drive traditional DMX fixtures. It has 4 DMX outputs and so can drive 4 DMX universes.

It has 2 ethernet connections to allow the daisy chaining.

You can assign as many fixtures as will fit within each DMX universes. This is done in the mapper where the user can pick any DMX fixtures and assign them a DMX address. Once this is done the fixtures become available as a devices in the Kling-Net mapper.

More info here: http://www.arkaospro.com/kling-force-dmx

Kling-Net brings LED lighting within reach of the smallest clubs and venues by making it less technical and less expensive LED lighting is now easy to use and cost effective; thanks to the Kling-Net protocol you no longer have to use expensive devices to obtain sophisticated control.

Kling-Net has been designed to work with mostly any manufacturers’ LED products. It relies on a source code which is capable of transforming even the most simple LED device into an intelligent Kling-Net device.

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