Project Team

design: Bergstrom Architects


furniture: BSeated Global, Prototype, Café Culture,
lighting: Fat Shack Vintage
metalwork: Contempo Furniture
tiles: Metz, Surface Gallery
carpet: Brintons
outdoor heaters: Bromic

Some of the most character rich pubs are in old historic buildings located in urban neighbourhoods that have developed over decades. Gregory Hills is a brand new destination venue on a greenfield site in a neighbourhood that has only existed for a few years. With no urban context or traditional old building to be inspired by; the design innovation needed to be developed from scratch.  We managed to design the venue as a simple and efficient building with interiors that are bursting with character and appeal.  The final venue is simply a lovely pub to be in.  It has all the character of a traditional pub with warm intimate areas within a large new structure.

Platinum 500

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This pub is not simply a box that was decorated to look like a themed pub.  The architecture of the pavilions plays are large part in the aesthetics of the interior. This is showcased in expression of the steel structure where it has been painted green in the main lounge as well as the decorative nature of the face brick which is features both externally and internally. The volume of the raked ceiling  in areas  offer a light outdoor appeal in the terrace areas while offering full weather protection. In contrast  intimate seating zones were created with lower ceiling where rich timbers have been used extensively.

Tile table Top

The Tile Table Top is part of the extensive table top range offered by B Seated Global. This high quality table top can be used indoors or outdoors which makes it ideal for use in cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants.

BSeated Global

Drama is brought to the interiors by the expressive use of copper  Carlton Draught beer tanks and decorative fonts which are contrasted against the tiled front and timber wall cladding. The large central stone clad fireplace serves as a room divider as well visual feature. Banquette seating is used to define different seating zones of the bistro and lounge areas.   Atmospheric lighting and varied use of furniture is also used to define different zones within the one large space.  There is individual seating as well as group tables. Lounges as well as relaxed dry bar tables in front the bar.  The overall colour pallet is restrained with warm timber tones contrasting against rich black brickwork, splashes of colour is added in the custom  carpet as well as decorative tiled tables, bar front and already mentioned copper tanks.

The overall plan stems from the need for efficiency and ease of operation.  The central , double sided bar services both the sports bar as well as the main lounge , bistro and outdoor terrace.  While encouraging morphing of areas between the bistro, lounge and outdoor terraces,  the sports bar and gaming have their own identity and privacy.    Kids play area is easily accessible from the bistro yet removed from other areas so that both family areas and more adult zones can co-exist happily.   It’s easy to orientate yourself within the venue with the strong visual sightlines to the bar, feature outdoor area and bistro servery.  Back of house and servicing has also been considered to maximise floor space efficiency and limit waste.