Project Team

design: Matt Woods Design

Taking over a defunct cafe is often a bigger challenge than starting afresh, however in this instance a focus on master planning along with a new materials palette, lighting and furniture scheme has created a dynamic, comfortable and engaging environment that aims to last the test of time.

From the ashes of the once institutional Danks Street Depot, rises the second iteration of Devon Cafe, Devon on Danks. With already solid foundations the challenge here was holding the client back from changing the interior building fabric for changes sake. As such Matt Woods Design developed a light touch approach, maintaining the focus on the existing high vaulted ceiling and timber features.

The adaptive re use of the space fits in well with the Matt Woods Design ethos and further sustainable steps were made in the form of a new VOC free paint scheme, low energy lighting fittings throughout, up cycled, recycled and custom designed tabletops, chairs and stools.

An unfurling string line, (or this time many lines) is a reference to the original design at Devon on Devonshire and once again forms a main interior feature. Matt Woods Design also developed new hand painted and custom graphics, along with the quintessential neon sign, which was necessary for INSTAfamous beast that is Devon Cafe… Stay Curious, folks…