Project Team

design: Interior Life
graphic design: Juuce Creative


Photography: George Ihring

The brief proposed an “authentic Australian dining experience” and aimed for a breakfast to dinner operation, serving different audiences through the day.

The restaurant was conceived to resemble a big family house, each space having its own personality.

The journey begins by the door, where the vertical garden gets lit by the ample windows. Neutral fabrics and rustic timbers dominate this informal space, conceived for brunch and coffee.

Right in front of the garden, the kitchen space welcomes the guest with the buzz of an open kitchen and an ambient dominated by cooking ingredients and utensils. Checkered tiled finishes and a large communal table complete this informal space.

To its right, the lounge area features a custom built 5 metre long sofa, low coffee tables and oversized luminaires. Different timber finishes and leather one seaters complete the cozy space, conceived for informal gatherings, drinks and tapas.

Framed by the open bar and dominated by warm coloured finishes, the main dining area is furnished with classic Eames chairs and Saarinen tables. Soft fabrics on the booth seating area complement the space and offer seating variety.

The street facing shopfront brings the restaurant’s personality to the outside: A façade tiled on pastel coloured tiles laid in herringbone patterns and framed by thick, white steel frames complete a sober, warm personality.