Project Team

architecture, interior design & lighting design: Cayas Architects
mechanical, electrical & hydraulic engineers: Cushway Blackford and associates
structural engineers: Lambert & Rehbein
building certifier: Steve Bartley & Associates
AV: BJs Sound & Lighting


carpet: Shanhua Carpets
tiles: Metz
furniture: Identity Furniture
lighting: Inlite
upholstery, screens, acoustic pendants: Baresque
3D wall panels: 3D Wall Panels
bar tops: Corian
brick cladding: Empire Ceramics

Located on the corner of a main connection road, activating the façade of the building was a key focus for the client. This was achieved through the use of a highly textured and hard wearing palette of materials, that require almost no future maintenance. Extensive glazing and creative lighting were used to highlight both the textured external elements and the various internal spaces with the express intent of defining the venue as a local hub of entertainment.

Copine Chair

Moulded Oak veneer ply seat with Solid Oak legs
Stained finish
Steel powdercoated frame

Identity Furniture

The aim of the interior design was to develop visual interest and a sense of depth in what is essentially a very small tavern. This was achieved by capitalising on volume where available, using highly tactile surface finishes and weaving a number of creative lighting installations throughout the fitout. To make the long and narrow bar and bistro space feel larger, finishes and lighting normally used in external environments such as face brick and timber cladding were combined with a very high but dark ceiling void with custom oversized pendants creating a canopy for patrons, giving a slight external feel to the space. Centrally controlled and zoned RGB lighting is used throughout the tavern to provide atmosphere and draw attention from the adjoining main road, whilst giving the client full control to theme the venue on special occasions with just a few taps of a touch screen.

JBL Pendant Speakers

JBL Control Contractor 60 Series Pendant loudspeakers bring renowned JBL sound and outstanding coverage to rooms and venues with open architecture or high-ceilings, while providing superior voice and musical clarity for rooms with difficult acoustics.


BJ’s Sound and Lighting worked closely with Architects and ALH Project managers to develop a concise, comprehensive AV and CCTV solution which best worked with the venues petite size and high ceilings. BJ’s chose to use a combination of Biamp digital audio system controllers with Dynacord amplifiers, EV and JBL speakers throughout the venue. The EV 8.2EVID ceiling speakers were used throughout the Gaming Room, TAB, and general low ceiling areas where high quality even sound was needed.

The high ceilings in the Bistro were extra challenging as BJ needed to provide adequate sound whilst retaining the architectural features of the room. To solve this, JBL pendant speakers were used to provide high fidelity directional sound while blending seamlessly into the architectural surroundings. The various zones levels and inputs throughout the venue were all individually adjustable via touch style wall plates located in the bars.

Dunes Wall Panels

Softly undulating, evocative of great sandy dunes. This design is a superb choice for modern feature walls and backdrops.

3D Wall Panels

The Oxley Tavern had a range of MATV services which needed to be installed and routed to all the venues TV’s. These services included Free to Air TV, Keno, Sky Racing, In-House Video Clips, Advertising, Foxtel HD and provisioning for future expansion. Hence, the venue required a MATV system that is capable of being flexible and reliable. BJ’s solution to this problem was an RF based MATV system using multiple Resi-Link full HD modulators, TAPS, LTE-Filters, and Kingray amplifiers. This type of system is expandable, robust and economical for the customer which met all their needs. Control of the 20+ Samsung TV’s is local to the TV as requested by the customer. This was intentional and allows them to receive Full HD signals with all free to air and in-house channels with low financial overheads.

The CCTV installed has been specified to the current ALH standard but also has the flexibility for future expansion and changing standards. To achieve this BJ’s has used a hybrid of technologies to bridge the gap between the analogue and digital CCTV infrastructure. This was done by using multiple Ca5e cable runs to each camera with a breakout balun at the camera and multiple 16way Balun/PSU installed at the head end. This essentially allows the customer to run their standard analogue system whilst being ready to change to IP in the near future without incurring the expensive costs of new cabling. Finally the venues were installed with the latest in Bosch 960H internal and external WDR cameras paired with BJ’s own 1080P-HD DVR’s.